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In Florida, greedy lawyers file an estimated 30,000 new lawsuits each year over property insurance disputes.
Florida law allows attorneys to receive “fee multipliers” for their work on common property insurance claims. That means an attorney can pocket up to 30 times more in fees than the families they represent in an insurance dispute.

When companies are forced to pay the exorbitant legal fees, rates increase to make ends meet. Floridians end up footing the bill for the attorney’s six-figure payments.

Due to frivolous lawsuits and excessive attorney’s fees, homeowners property insurance rates are expected to climb 10-fold over the next 10 years. Higher rates contribute to the rising cost of homeownership in Florida.

Floridians for Lawsuit Reform is a 501(c)4 organization that was formed by Floridians to pursue lawsuit reform.

The goals of the nonprofit are to:

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