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Florida House Advances Historic Lawsuit Abuse Reform Package

Earlier today, Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson stood with House Speaker Paul Renner, bill sponsors Representative Tommy Gregory and Representative Tom Fabricio and other business partners after the passage of House Bill 837 out of the Civil Justice Subcommittee. HB 837 was filed following Governor Ron DeSantis, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, and House Speaker Paul Renner announcing their shared priority of passing the “most significant legal reform in modern history” during the 2023 legislative session to “decrease frivolous litigation and prevent predatory practices of trial attorneys.” The final committee stop for the bill is in the Judiciary Committee before the measure heads to the House floor. Click HERE to read our full press release.

On behalf of businesses across the state of Florida, we would like to thank House Speaker Paul Renner, Judiciary Chairman Tommy Gregory, and Representative Tom Fabricio for their leadership in protecting local businesses and Florida consumers from the abuses of billboard trial attorneys. Thank you to those who reached out to lawmakers in support of the bill- it takes a united business community behind this effort to get it across the finish line. We ask that you take a moment to thank lawmakers who put the interests of consumers and local businesses over billboard trial attorneys and share your disappointment in the legislators who supported the status quo – a bottom-five legal climate that costs Florida families $5,065 each year.  Contact the following legislators and thank them for their support:

  LegislatorEmail AddressCapitol Number
Chair Will Robinson Will.Robinson@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5071
Rep. John Snyder John.Snyder@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5086
Rep. Dean Black Dean.Black@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5015
Rep. Randy Maggard Randy.Maggard@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5054
Rep. Patt Maney Patt.Maney@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5004
Rep. Fiona McFarland Fiona.McFarland@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5073
Rep. Kiyan Michael Kiyan.Michael@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5016
Rep. Toby Overdorf Toby.Overdorf@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5085
Rep. Alex Rizo Alex.Rizo@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5112
Rep. Rick Roth Rick.Roth@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5094
Rep. Tyler Sirois Tyler.Sirois@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5031
Rep. David Smith David.Smith@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5038 

The following legislators voted no on the bill. Please take a moment to voice your disappointment and encourage them to reconsider their position ahead of their next vote on the bill: 

LegislatorEmail AddressCapitol Number
Rep. Mike BeltranMike.Beltran@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5070
Rep. Darryl CampbellDarryl.Campbell@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5099
Rep. Hillary CasselHillary.Cassel@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5101
Rep. Kimberly DanielsKimberly.Daniels@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5015
Rep. Ashley GanttAshley.Gantt@myfloridahouse.gov 850 717-5109
Rep. Johanna LopezJohanna.Lopez@myfloridahouse.gov 850-717-5043  

To learn more about why this reform is so important to Florida’s business community, read this op-ed published recently across the state by Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson.
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