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Hurricane Ian survivors help Hurricane Idalia survivors in Steinhatchee

By: Kendall Brandt
Posted at 5:58 PM, Sep 05, 2023 
 and last updated 6:02 PM, Sep 05, 2023
  • Two food trucks, Hungry Pony and Wonderland Ice Cream, traveled from Ft. Myers to serve food to Steinhatchee locals. 
  • Kevin Stephens, owner of the Hungry Pony, had his home destroyed during Hurricane Ian in 2022. 
  • Steinhatchee was one of the hardest hit areas of the Big Bend by Hurricane Idalia. 


People from Ft. Myers are helping Hurricane Idalia survivors one year after living through a devastating storm.

People like Kevin Stephens and Ashley Gray traveled from Fort Myers to feed people impacted by Hurricane Idalia.

Stephens said he wanted to give back after people helped him recover from Ian.

Stephens is no stranger to hurricane recovery.

“I worked for EMS in Lee County for 30 years as a paramedic,” Stephens said. “I was a rescuer and went to Katrina, Andrew, Charlie, multiple hurricanes to help people.”

When Hurricane Ian hit his home in Ft. Myers less than a year ago, he was on the other side of the recovery.

“I lost my home, my jeep, all of my belongings,” Stephens said. “I had a lot of days of crying, a lot of days of upset. I was homeless for three months.”

As he still recovers from Ian, he is now helping people impacted by Idalia.

“I just wanted to come back and give back to other people here in Florida,” Stephens said.

Stephens and his food truck the Hungry Pony are not the only ones from Southwest Florida helping out.

Ashley Gray and Jeff Smith own Wonderland Ice Cream and came with Stephens to Steinhatchee Tuesday.

NFL player Tommy Bohanon and his foundation sponsored both trucks to cover the cost of food and travel.

“We just really try to do our part because it’s rough. It’s rough rebuilding and getting hit,” Gray said.

The people rebuilding were lined up outside of the trucks.

People like Yvette Webster, who saw damage to her home with the storm surge, came to get a hot meal and ice cream.

“It just gives you a break so you don’t have to think about that part,” Webster said.” It’s just such a privilege and blessing that we have for the help that’s just here, that’s showed up.”

Stephens said that is exactly the goal.

“I know how everyone has been after every storm I’ve fed people and took care of them,” Stephens said. “I know everybody is very thankful so we gotta help each other out.”

While both the Hungry Pony and Wonderland Ice Cream are headed back to Fort Myers, people can grab donations while they are available at the Steinhatchee Marina at Deadman Bay.

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