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New ‘scam’ alert issued for Florida residents across the state

By FOX 35 News Staff
Published November 3, 2023
Flagler County

Florida deputies are asking the public to stay on high alert as yet another scam has found its way into the homes of some residents. 

According to a Facebook post from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, a letter is being mailed across the state alerting homeowners about a bogus community funding program. 

The “$500 million” program is being advertised as a program to help protect one’s home from hurricanes, hail, and tornados. 

In the letter, the scammers write that residents can score up to $75,000 in financing to replace their old roof with a new roof – even giving residents a choice between shingle, flat, tile, or metal. The letter goes on to state that the average homeowner receives “$37,475” for their roof. 

Residents are told they still qualify whether they have “low credit or NO credit score.” 

The scammers write that all you have to do is call the number (386)-310-1210 to set up an appointment for a representative to visit your home to talk about the roof replacement. 

What to do if you get scammed

If you have been scammed, immediately report it to law enforcement. 

Call your bank or credit card company and dispute any suspicious charges. 

Report the scam to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. 

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