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Roofing scams in the Villages

By Letters to the Editor
July 30, 2022

To the Editor:

The Village’s is experiencing a reinfestation of roofers and many of them are simply scams.
Most of the roofs have architectural shingles while some are three-tab shingles. The average life of a three-tab is 25 years and the architectural is 30 or more. The wind rating for architectural is 130 mph and three tab is 60 mph.
Seldom does The Village’s experience winds in excess of 60 miles per hour.
However, roofing companies are soliciting (against published Villages policy) Villagers, telling them that they have wind damage. They also tell them that they can get the insurance company to pay for a new roof. Of course, everyone wants a “free” new roof, right?
The most dishonest roofers will have the customer sign a document that gives the roofing company the right to deal with the insurance company. The down side to this is the customer is agreeing to pay if the insurance company doesn’t. Never sign this document.
The insurance companies have written broad coverage and many pay the replacement cost of the roof regardless of the age. They don’t depreciate for age as they should. Consequently, the companies are suffering great loss paying for these roofs.
It was just announced that 14 insurance companies are declaring bankruptcy in Florida and over 80,000 insureds are affected. In fact, a special session of the state legislators has just been called to discuss this crisis.
Insurance rates are up over 40 percent and higher and policies are changing to depreciate for age. If you have a roof of 15 years or more some companies will not insure you until you replace the roof. You can thank your neighbor who wants a roof for free (when it’s not damaged) and the greedy roofing companies who solicited
Their business. You can also thank the insurance companies who did not follow sound insuring protocol.

Village of Mallory Square

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