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Florida Business Owner Hails Legal Reforms to Curb Lawsuit Abuse, Seeks More Action

Jun 27, 2023

Dear Florida Jolt Editor;

Operating a small business always has its challenges, especially in the construction industry. We try to keep costs down for our customers, so we have to keep costs down for ourselves.

Recently shortages of raw materials and a tight labor market have caused some pain across the board, but one of the costs we deal with every day is related to workers’ compensation insurance.

One of the big drivers of the increase in those costs has been the rise of frivolous lawsuits. It’s why I am so grateful the legislature took time in this past legislative session to address lawsuit abuse with a variety of measures designed to keep small businesses from being held hostage to plaintiffs just looking for a quick settlement. Controlling the cost of insurance will reduce paperwork, legal fees, and the rising premiums we have to pay and then pass on to customers.

Fewer lawsuits and fewer frivolous claims should lead to lower rates; lower insurance rates mean more affordable housing.

I urge the legislature to maintain its commitment to the reforms.

Tommy Gore
Pensacola, FL

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